Your body – My landscape

Your body - My landscape is a collaboration coreographical performance between Gyula Berger who is an internationally r... Details


Vibe-ing Vibe-ing is a collaboration project between TU/e, TextielMuseum TextielLab Tilburg, and Metaronics. As part of... Details

CHACUN(E): Thermochromic dance performance

CHACUN(E) is a fruitful collaboration involving new materials designed to change their color by temperature fluctuation,... Details

Fibre optic crochet

During a workshop "WS2.2 Working with fibre optics to generate light and energy" lead by Meg Grant and Sarah Taylor in t... Details

Bedtime Stories in Surface Design Journal

Surface Design Journal had a story about  The Future of Textiles BY Lynne Bruning and among all the featured proje... Details

Tender in TextielLab Yearbook 2012

Tender has found it's way into many interesting places by now (Night of the Nerds, DDW, Electricfoxy, Crunchwear). N... Details

Smart Phocus with Sabine Staartjes

Collaborative work with Sabine Staartjes, Unit040, Johan van den Acker Textielfabriek, Studio Toer - Smart Phocus is now... Details

Thermo-lace explorations

Quick visit to the Kantfabriek in Horst surprisingly finished with a sample lace, with one and two thermocromic yarns in... Details

A thermal tribute for Estonian birthday!

Super interesting explorations on thermal printing, 3D prining and e-embroidery took place last week (25.03.2013 - 27.03... Details

Tender at Pretty Smart Textiles

28.10.2012 – 16.12.2012 was Tender presented in Ronse, Belgium at Pretty Smart Textiles in TIO3. Photos by D... Details

Designing for the loop!

How to design a sustainable eTextile item? To understand that complex idea with all its interconnections I spent some d... Details

The Bedtime Stories

by: CRISP Smart Textile Services (Kristi Kuusk, Unit040, johan van den acker textielfabriek, studio toer) Bedtime sto... Details


Tender by: CRISP Smart Textile Services (Kristi Kuusk, Martijn ten Bhömer, Paula Kassenaar, Textielmuseum Tilburg, Phi... Details

Unlace by Eef

Project by my first student within TechCrafts combining crafts with technology! Unlace - from craft to concept from ... Details

QR-coded traditions

To answer the question how can new smart textile products support transformations into a society with more harmony and b... Details

Felt copy-ball

In TU Eindhoven my first hands-on tryout intuitively was to try to felt some electronics to create soft and somehow huma... Details

LED-scarf wins Shourei-shou award in Japan!

LED-scarf won Shourei-shou (Incentive award, fifth prize) in an international 6th Snow Design competition (Japan). Th... Details

Search For..

is a conceptual crafted scarf-collection promoting principles of Reduce by having a message to the audience as well as t... Details

LED-dress Vol2

The LED-dress made in University of Sao Paulo got developed further by a request from UK. Here are some pictures of it (... Details

White and Black “Magic scarf”

White and Black "Magic" scarves are going to be shown and sold for charity on a Ethical Fashion Show held by Sacred Chi... Details