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is a conceptual crafted scarf-collection promoting principles of Reduce by having a message to the audience as well as to the wearer. It interacts with the environment and to the person that uses it through unexpected pleasant expressions.

It is developed by Kristi Kuusk as part of her MA thesis at Estonian Academy of Arts and an internship project of the Smart Textiles program, Design Research Unit at Interactive Institute.

The collection is made of waste materials from a local knitting factory which are crafted into interactive pieces. Therefore it expressively supports Reusing and Recycling along with the concept of full use of materials. Disposed form of the material is used as a starting point for the inspiration of the collection alongside with the conceptual ideas.

Technology, that is mastered into a message and expressions, is used to express certain feelings and willings.

The collection includes a scarf that reacts to the action of wearer lying down by giving a gentle massage to her neck, a scarf that cherishes the moment of two dear persons meeting by lighting up the environment, a scarf that react to the embracement of silliness and childish by again turning on some magic lights and to see the rest you are welcome to visit the Full exhibition: