Bedtime Stories Little Red Riding Hood

Bedtime Stories Little Red Riding Hood is weaving traditions together with technology. The concept connects traditional values and crafts with digital technologies for sustainability. It is offering an alternative way to translate fairy-tale knowledge into people’s personal experiences and pass that wisdom through generations as well as building up family stories together.

TexTales from Kristi Kuusk on Vimeo.

Bedtime Stories consists of a set of bed sheets that have images woven into the fabric. The images are recognised by a custom made software that displays 3D characters from a fairy tale through an iPad onto the textile. This allows parents to create personal stories with their kids while going to sleep.

Project realised by: Kristi Kuusk (TU/e), Unit040, Johan van den Acker Textielfabriek and Studio Toer.

Bedtime Stories originates from the QR-coded Embroidery. The values of craft have been brought to work with industry partners. Skills and tools have extended to the ones of the collaborators. The individual exploration of QR-coded Embroidery has been replaced by a teamwork to build Bedtime Stories.

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