A thermal tribute for Estonian birthday!

Super interesting explorations on thermal printing, 3D printing and e-embroidery took 25.03.2013 – 27.03.2013 In the winter-crispy Helsinki School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Aalto ARTS)  and Aalto Media Factory, Aalto University.


The final piece is a collaborative work by Kristi Kuusk, Tatiana Krupinina, Tonje Kristensen, Nilla Berko and Riikka Saarela that represents a thermal transformation from summer to winter. It is a tribute for recent anniversary of Republic of Estonia on 24th of February, as the final state of the textile shows Estonian flag colours in a common nordic scene: blue sky, dark forrest and white snow on the ground. It is achieved by mixtures of thermal and non-thermal pigments and e-embroidery.

Participants from different universities explored what it means to design for dynamic patterns by using thermal printing on textiles. The workshop was given by Linda Worbin and Marjan Kooroshnia from Textile school in Boras, Sweden. We received detailed knowledge about reactive functions of thermal pigments and an excellent opportunity to try them out.

Thermo prints can change color from/to different combinations in various temperatures. For example designing with thermo pigments that react in temperatures, such as 15C, 27C, 31C, the same textile has three different faces depending on the temperature on the cloth or in the ambient in a specific moment. Taking into account the possible pattern and color combinations, designing for such complexity is a science on its own 🙂

The temperature change on the textile can be achieved by body contact, ambient temperature change, hot/cold air (hair dryer, cooler), iron; but also embedded soft electronics, like conductive threads that heat up by low current, which you can see on the prototype here as embroidered details on lines.

Work in progress and showtime!

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