Textales Little Red Riding Hood

Textales Little Red Riding Hood edition is developed in collaboration with Unit040, Welspun and Kerstin Zabransky. Welspun India Ltd. is a fully integrated home textile manufacturer. It is one of the largest global home textile producers, with world class manufacturing facilities in India.

With Textales Little Red Riding Hood edition, we take the project another step closer to commercialisation. The version is developed for showcasing the possibilities of Augmented Reality storytelling on textiles to potential clients. In The Little Red Riding Hood edition of Textales, parents and children share the experience of the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood through Augmented Reality. The Textales application running on a smartphone or a tablet device detects the patterns on the duvet, pillow and carpet and shows digital fairytale characters. Digital dynamics are combined with textile sustainability. The project team intends to improve the details of the duvet cover as well as the digital application. The images are printed to a softer textile in this iteration, and allow therefore more colours and smaller details to be designed.

The Little Red Riding Hood story can be played with or without the subtitles suggesting theplot, as in the previous version. If the parent chooses to see the subtitles, a whole fairy tale is written throughout different scenes of the story. If the parent chooses not to see the subtitles, he can imagine his adventures for the Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. The application has a constant forest sound in the background with occasional overriding scene-specific sound effects, such as water dropping when Little Red Riding Hood is feeding the swans, or the wolf roaring when it finds the empty house of the grandmother. The fine and detailed graphics and animations add an extra magic layer to the textile.

In the very colourful story canvas, Little Red Riding Hood goes wandering into the forests on the digitally printed duvet cover, pillow and a rug (Figure 22). The wolf has his parallel adventures. The story reveals an alternative plot and ending to the traditional fairy tale. Through that, contemporary values and ways of communicating are put into a classic fairy tale.

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