LED-dress is made as part of a study in The University of Sao Paulo. The dress lights up when the snowflake worn as a ring gets near the dress. It imitates snow’s different abilities among which is the one of shining in the darkness.

The piece consists of a crocheted skirt and a ring which both contain one side of a magnetic switch that will activate LED-s in the skirt only in case of both sides united
The work represents snow characteristics. On visual side its ability to shine in the dark with some light pointed to it and the shape of a snowflake. On conceptual side it shows that miracles start to happen when two separate parts come together (snowman, houses, slides?!) and protection that both snow and garment provide to its wearer.

Advising professor Dr. Suzana Avelar

Materials: magnet switch, LEDs, wire, conductive thread, yarn, solder.

Model: Regiina

Kristi Kuusk’s LED dress