Your body – My landscape

Your body – My landscape is a collaboration choreographic performance between Gyula Berger who is an internationally renowned choreographer and has been making work in Hungary for the past 25 years and Roos van Berkel who teaches, performs and creates her own work in Holland since 2008.

Together with their scenography team, a costume with conductive thermo sensitive crochet was created. The costume was used by the dancers to build up parts of the scenography, while reflecting how the use of such material formed their choreographic practice, and the other way around.

The costume has crocheted conductive thermo sensitive lines on top, which can be heated up by the dancers through the needles they are holding in their hands. The needles are connected to a power supply that send 6 Volts of current through the thread. The thread cones its colour from black to grey by the heat created by the current.
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